Seasoning the Board

All new cutting boards must be properly seasoned before use. We suggest applying beeswax or food-grade mineral oil to the surface of the board. Allow the surface to absorb as much as it can, wipe the remainder off and repeat the process the next day. Usually two or three applications are recommended. The beeswax or oil will fil the wood pores and make the surface more water resistant. If cutting a lot of wet items, wipe off the excess moisture. Do not leave wet items on the surface of the board. Seasoning is an ongoing process for the life of your board. After regular use and cleaning, your board will require periodic treatment. If your board does not shed water, or appears dull and dry, it is time to treat the surface. Do not use vegetable oils, beeswax or food-grade mineral oil (available at pharmacies) is recommended.

Cleaning the Board

A wipe with a damp cloth may be sufficient to clean a board after light use. For a thorough cleaning, use a spatula to scrape off leftover food. Then, wipe both surfaces of the board with a soapy cloth. Follow with a clean, wet cloth to remove any soap and wipe dry with a towel. If you require additional sanitation, spray the board with a diluted solution of 3 tablespoons white vinegar in 1 cup of water. Rinse and wipe dry. Do not immerse a board in water. Do not place in a dishwasher. Do not leave in a sink or on a wet counter. Do not subject the board to high temperatures.